UPDATE - We have posted several mockups of our new system in the tabs for your review.

Tired of your current fantasy sports system? Have they neglected to bring you features you desire? Is the cost of other systems excessive?

Then you are ready for the system that provides outstanding new features, projections, real time stats and everything you would expect from a major provider.

Stop playing by their rules; it’s time you start playing by YouRulz.

With great new patent pending features like:
  • In-Game Roster Changes
  • A unique style Play by Play for your fantasy team
  • Ability to award points to passers and receivers on pass interference penalties
YouRulz is working to revolutionize the fantasy world and deliver the next generation sports system. We have partnered with the best organizations to be able to deliver you the absolute best system out there. YouRulz was founded by a few friends who love fantasy sports with the key differentiator of experience in delivering world class systems to global companies. This knowledge and experience will allow us to confidently deliver the very best fantasy sports system.

There will be several pricing options to choose from in the YouRulz system:
  • Pay Leagues - These are leagues which have league dues associated with them and a payout is made at the end of the season. These leagues will have all of our exclusive features, such as In-Game Substitutions available. The cost for Pay Leagues is 10% of league dues.
  • Premium Leagues - These are private leagues with no league dues where people play for fun and have no payout at the end of the season. These leagues will have all of our premium features included. The cost for a Premium League is $50.00 for the season.
  • Free Leagues - These are leagues with no league dues or payouts at the end of the season. Free leagues also will not have the exclusive features available.

Our system is currently in the development stage and will be ready for the 2017 NFL season. As the season nears we will be providing regular updates, both here and across social media, as well as details of features that will become available. Like and follow us on your favorite social media platform to stay up to date and follow YouRulz!
The Lobby is the main area to select from the list of public leagues, or to create or join a private league.

The Roster area is where you will manage your team throughout the season.

The Matchup area lets you monitor your weekly matchup. You can also swap players between active and bench from this screen.

The draft area is where you will manage both live and commissioner run drafts.

Unlike many other systems on the market, all commissioner tools are available on mobile to ensure you can manage your league regardless of where you are.