About Us

YouRulz, Inc. was founded on the inquisitive nature of fantasy sports fans, always searching for a new challenge to conquer. While the fantasy sports industry continues to grow, more and more players have become discontent in the lack of innovation and improved offerings, continuously searching for “what’s next.” In August 2016, a group of avid fantasy football players sharing the same frustration as the masses in the lack of stability and the nonexistence of enhancements among the current systems, formed a team to create a solution to the ever-complacent market; with the goal of revolutionizing fantasy sports. Having over 100 years of combined experience in systems development, marketing, finance, and executive leadership; YouRulz promises to deliver the best fantasy sports application available.

To ensure we’re providing a system that is on-par and better than existing competitors’ offerings, we have partnered with the top vendors in the fantasy sports industry. Agreements with SportRadar and Rotowire ensure the very best data feeds and news. Our development partners provide the necessary development infrastructure based on a proven track record of bringing applications to market. Our commitment to a secure, stable application environment allows consistent game-play and features across all platforms, operating systems and mobile devices. Taking these measures provides our players, participants and commissioners the reassurance of an experience offering up to the nano-second, real-time results.

YouRulz is launched its beta season with the 2017 NFL season, while simultaneously adding innovative development features and providing investors the opportunity to become a part of the $18 Billion industry. 2018 will see the launch of several new sports platforms as we see an endless horizon of new gaming features on our horizon. We look forward to interacting with our fans and followers and encourage you to contact us with any questions. For individuals seeking ground-level investment opportunity providing healthy returns, now is the time to join us in our commitment to bettering fantasy sports.